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Maribel Martínez Galindo

Maribel Martínez Galindo has worked as Creative Director and Producer in Mexico. His work has been awarded by NY Festivals, Promax World Gold, Broadcast Design Association, Animacor, Creative Circle and Silver Snail. Creative Director of Imaginantes on Televisa until 2012. Independently founded the studio 19 + 36 focusing on design and animation of credit sequences for film and TV, creation of original animated content for children, design and branding of TV in corporate image of Televisa

José Ángel García Moreno

José (1961) was born in Mexico City. He studied at the film school in Prague (FAMU) and worked in the prestigious studies Bratri V Triku (Brothers in the Trick) where he directed his first professional film under the historical Czech brand founded by Jiri Trnka. He continued his education with a Fulbright scholarship at the Animation Workshop at the University of California at Los Angeles Film School, UCLA. His works have been exhibited in the most important film festivals throughout the world: Annecy, Anima Mundi, Clairmont-Ferrand, Guadalajara, among others. He has received awards in Havana, Toronto, San Francisco, Montreal and Japan. He has been nominated for the Ariel and received the prestigious MacArthur Foundation Grant.
José has served as a jury for the National Fund for Culture and the Arts of Mexico, as well as for the McLaren-Lambart prize.
He has served as director of the Animation School at Loyola University in Los Angeles, California.
His filmography is included in the influential book "Animation, A World History" by the historian Giannalberto Bendazzi.

Lilian Vázquez

Lilian Vázquez has been making animations since 2008. She has participated in different residences and workshops where she has had the opportunity to develop animation projects, among them: the Stop-Motion and photography workshops in Hello-Wood, Hungary 2012; the Stop Motion Workshop Budapest, Hungary 2012; the Generation Campus, Moscow, Russia 2013; and recently in the A-AIR Program 2016, Japan.


Flaminguettes is a creative duo of Mexican girls that seeks to give life to projects from different disciplines from a more feminine and personal point of view.

Specializing in high quality projects and concepts, Mara & Daniela direct and perform animation, video, installation and design for a wide range of clients and situations. Since the end of 2015, they belong to AGI / Alliance Graphique Internationale representing Mexico in the field of multidisciplinary design.

Patricia Henríquez

Patricia Henríquez Bremer (Mexico, 1967) is a multidisciplinary visual artist (painter, director and drawer of experimental animation, illustrator and tape recorder) her animated short films have been screened at festivals, museums and cultural institutions in America, Europe and Asia; He has received various scholarships, prizes and national and international awards in experimental animation, painting and drawing short films.

Luis Safa

He works with the image and its possibilities, sometimes individually and others collectively, alongside different artists and independent projects.

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