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Animæntary - Selección DOK Leipzig.


Animæntary, the ANIMASIVE section dedicated to the animated documentary, presents a series of films selected by the prestigious German festival DOK Leipzig. This proposal is framed within the activities of the Dual Year Germany in Mexico.


Competition short film series. 

International Block 1

International Block 2

International Block 3

International Block 4

International Block 5

International Block 6


Academic (National and Inernational)


From the stroke to the pixel. More than one hundred years of Spanish animation.

Project curated by Carolina López, which arises from the desire to show in the best possible conditions a little-known story, that of Spanish animation cinema. The cycle is the result of an exhaustive work of research, review and recovery of historical material in dialogue with more recent works. It includes historical pieces (from 1908 until the end of the dictatorship in 1975) and contemporary short films (from 1975 to the present).


The cycle, consisting of eight sessions, is a co-production of the Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona and Acción Cultural Española, which includes a selection of animated films in different techniques, representative of these hectic years that go from the beginning of the 20th century to the present.

One day I saw 10,000 elephants. International feature film premiere.

Director: Alex Guimerà, Juan Pajares

Year: 2015

Country Spain

Duration: 64 '

+ info:

Animated documentary winner of the Greenpeace Lurra Award at the 63rd San Sebastian International Film Festival.

Synopsis: Angono Mba, an octogenarian Guinean, recalls from the living room of his home the expedition in which he was the porter for the Madrid-born filmmaker Manuel Hernández Sanjuán and his team (Hermic Films), who took them between 1944 and 1946 to tour the Guinea Spanish documenting life in the colony and looking for a mysterious lake, where according to an African legend, you could see 10,000 elephants together.



ANIMASIVO + PERIMETER Expanded Cinema present:

Mechanical life after death.
Performance by Steven Woloshen (Canada) with sound intervention by Fernando Vigueras (Mexico)

Evoking Brakhage's attempt to reanimate insects through projection (Mothlight, 1964), this live performance will use electromechanics and digital micro-cinema to unearth those magical transformations buried alive between layers of dead or decomposed film.
In the manner of forensic laboratory tests, Mechanical Life after Death will probe the molecular vital forces of selected film frames and, finally, "reanimate" them by removing them from their immobility with a 35mm projector.

ANIMASIVO + ANTENNA in collaboration with the MUTEK and NRMAL festivals present:


Animated GIFs Contest for the Historic Center of Mexico City.

Project realized in collaboration with MUTEK and NRMAL music festivals with the intention of putting GIFs in direct relation with the musical creation.

ANIMASIVO launched a call for GIFs that should be based on three tracks by national music producers. During the festival there will be a concert with the participation of these three producers of electronic music and will be accompanied by a VJing session where the selected GIFs of the contest will be included.

With the idea of taking the GIF from the web, the projections will be made on the facade of the Ex Teresa Arte Actual, in the public space of the Historic Center.





ANIMASIVO in collaboration with Locomoción presents:

AUDIOVISUAL CUADRILÁTERO: Animated spaces in Transformation.

The ANIMASIVO Festival and the Locomoción Festival open a multiformat space to talk and share experiences and projects of Mexican animation. The day is dedicated to the transformations that affect the animation today, to rethink their formats and techniques, to expand their speeches but also proposes a playful and open vision through the installation in the CCEMx of a cabinet of curiosities with facilities, reality virtual, interactive and fantastic characters. A comfortable space to talk about animation: curious about the movement ... they are all invited.

DYNAMICS, body and drawing in movement

Dynamics is a methodology of encounter between dance and drawing that uses animation as an exit platform. In this performance, this methodology is used in order to show a way of doing live animation through a scenic game between the stroke, the body, the movement, the music and the light.

Performers: Nayeli Benhumea, Rodrigo de la Vega, Federico Gutiérrez and Paulette Parra. Music: OPPRO

Technical advice: Guicho Núñez GHO Address: Amaranta Verdugo



ANIMASIVO + LEC present:

Printing with light Workshop by Steven Woloshen (Canada)

Light is everywhere, but it is impossible to possess. In this intensive workshop, we will explore the intensity of shadows and light, the use of lumens to print images directly on the surface of the analog film. At some point we will work in total darkness and our tools will consist of touch, memory and bursts of colored light. Later the experiments will be processed and digitized.

ANIMASIVO + Cine más allá present:

The mechanical paradise Master Class by Steven Woloshen (Canada)

Steven Woloshen will teach a master class in which he will present a wide selection of his short films, his animated and experimental films, highlighting the mechanics and art of perforated film: the film assembly line. This 16mm and 35mm projection will cover 30 years of its unique abstract filmic strategies, which involve scraping, gluing, painting and burning on the surface of the film. The results dance propelled to the rhythm of jazz soundtracks, generating a rhythmic beauty while tiny gestures frame by frame are reflected on the big screen of the cinema.

Dynamics, Body and drawing in movement

Videodance workshop that approaches the methodologies, tools and strategies of drawing and dance in their meeting through animation.

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