Hablaremos sobre nuestros videoclips. Sobre los procesos creativos a la hora de pensar lo visual y narrativo al momento de trabajar una pieza musical. Explicaremos el Beatmatic, el proceso que reemplazó el storyboard y que nos parece una herramienta interesante para artistas audiovisuales.

Una charla con los directores de Rudo Company: Ezquiel Torres y Pablo Rafael Roldán

Moderan Alexandra Castellanos y Francisco Martínez

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The Festival of Contemporary Animation of Mexico City was born in 2008 as the first space in the country dedicated exclusively to animation. In 2017 it reaches its tenth consecutive year, being a reference festival in Latin America and an essential part in the formation of a generation of emerging animators.

ANIMASIVO gives visibility to unpublished independent and author works, promoting above all the creation of young people. It has been consolidated as a space for exhibition and dissemination and, in recent years, as a festival that promotes training, production and research. Platform that encourages networking and encourages collaboration between international and national animators and, above all, creates bridges for the development of university students.

ANIMASIVO has traveled in states such as Michoacán, State of Mexico, Morelos, Baja California, Veracruz, Oaxaca, among others, and in more than 10 countries abroad, including Austria (Ars Electrónica), Argentina (Festival Anima / Festiva Carton) , France (Marseille and Paris), Poland (Etiuda & Anima and ANIMATOR), Spain (Animadrid), Colombia (Javeriana University), Brazil (Animamundi Festival), Italy (Rome and Lecce), Croatia (Zagreb), Slovenia (Ljubljana) and Norway (Bergen).




- More than 9000 attendees in all activities of ANIMASIVO 2018 and more than 2000 attendees in each edition.



- More than 2000 national and international short films received at competitions of its 11 editions.



- He has commissioned 15 unpublished short films, working as a content microproducer that allow their diffusion abroad.



- 31 money prizes awarded to animators National and international.



- 9 DVD editions with a print run of 2000 copies every year.